Term 2

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2D shapes. What shape is it?

Click here

week 3 homework heading.png


1. Click here to create your own story!

2. Practice using Ou and Ow


week 4.png

1. Have a look at the videos Miss Lee uploaded under "Literacy"

2. Practice using Oy and Oi

3. Click here for the "I can read activity"


1) go to your student page and add something to it (with anyone who can help you ^^)

2) Blends and Sounds activity


1) Click on the "ready to read" picture on our homepage and start reading !

You can find it under Literacy and it is also on our homepage

week 8.png

1) Click here to solve some riddles !

WALT write Who am I riddles

Week 11.png

- Check out our POEMS page !