the trick of 9 25 2+5=7 25-7=18 1+8=9


Do you have a cat? I do. Today I am going to talk about my cats. Their names are Bella and Meow I love Meow because he gives me cuddles. Bella is naughty because she scratches and bites. They eat Friskies and when I open the packet Bella and Meow comes. I need to feed my cats now!

My favourite things are - Drama, Swimming, Dance, Singing, Cooking and Eating

My best friends are - Alessandra, Phoebe & Sienna, here is a photo of us together


I have a younger brother named Fynn

Here we are on the roller coaster, at the Mainfreight Christmas party last year, we are in the front

This is a video of myself and Alessandra at drama today, we are in the front on the left hand side

word friday 1 noveber

long bay 2.jpg
Long Bay 1.jpg

here is a photo of our class trip to Long Bay