All about me

I like violin and I like dancing. I like swimming at Hilton Brown where I see Keira .

I also like listening song's on my Dad's phone.


long bay 2.jpgLong Bay 1.jpg

This is our class photo at Long Bay Beach and another one with my friends - Keira and Lela. I had lots of fun at the beach and I will remember this trip for a long, long time! :)

The Easter Day

I love Easter egg hunt! On Monday, we had a Easter egg hunt, it was a super day!

I love Easter because it is one of my favourite month.

Here is a photo of our Easter egg hunt with my sister Ashley.


We are holding Easter eggs, On Monday.On Tuesday Keira came over to my house for a play date.






WALT measure the height of people
Yuxin=24 crayons
Alessandra=20 crayons
Sienna=3 wand
Alessandra= 3 wands